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I focus on practical, no-nonsense approach providing actionable recommendations and solutions. I love design and building brands, I hate selling myself, so here are some things about me and my work.
Work ethic is a talent and there is a smart way to work hard that is far more important than the number of hours you are in the office a day. Passion, focus, intensity, steadfastness, curiosity, impatience (when necessary) and being fiercely loyal are all characteristics that have enabled me to achieve success inside and outside of the office.

I have an extensive experience on building, maintaining, and running successful digital marketing campaigns. Bringing forth broad marketing knowledge, coupled with focused campaign experience. Adept at creating and implementing client-centred, successful campaigns, aimed at improving brand awareness and presence. Collaborative and creative manager accomplished at managing digital marketing presence content. Experienced in leading teams of marketing professionals to meet and exceed digital marketing goals.

Throughout my career, I have always tried to ensure that the passion and enthusiasm for my work have shone through. Despite my success as an independent designer, I have found that it is through a team that I have achieved my greatest potential.

I have been exposed to hundreds of projects over the years acting as a lead designer, UX lead, UX consultant and product advisor, which have helped me to optimize the quality and speed of my design work. I always work with a clear timeframe towards specific deliverables and outcomes, so even though the design is a creative process, it is always aligned with the business objectives.

My process

It’s all about problems, I wouldn’t even start putting pen to paper without first discussing the problems. Remember in UX Design you’re typically not alone, you’ll likely have a boss, product manager, stakeholders, CEO overseeing the project as well as other team members working on the same project. There absolutely must be a kick-off meeting, the point of any product is to solve a problem. So we must first identify the problems as well as the product goals and requirements, this can be done in many ways but the first one will likely be a meeting.

In terms of UX methods I use InterviewsPersonasField StudiesDesign Workshops and Brainstorming to understand the users needs.

With that understanding I draw Story Boards, do Card Sorting and Tree Testing, Wireframes and Mockups and Low-Fi Prototypes with clients to narrow down on a practical product design.

During the implementation I design the Interface, keep in touch with the devs and test High-Fi Prototypes with clients to verify the design.

Brand Strategy & Art Direction and Development

I create logos, corporate brands and coordinated image to make your product stand out from other competitors.

UX/UI Design & Website/App Design

I create sites and landing pages with personalized and mobile-friendly graphic layouts and design graphical interfaces for sites, web portals and mobile apps.

Marketing Campaigns & Content Creation

We study a site to be organically indexed on search engines and Marketing campaigns that convert.

Sound & Motion Design

I describe brands, products, and companies using motion graphics and sound design, my experience makes me a fast and competitive point of reference in the design of digital projects.


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